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Topdrive310 Series General Purpose Drives

Topdrive310 Series General Purpose Drives

1 - 100HP, 230V, 460V or 575V, Three Phase, IP20 & NEMA 1

Quick Specs

  • POWER RANGE 3AC 200-240V: 220V ............ 1 - 75HP
    3AC 380-480V: 460V ............ 2 - 100HP
    3AC 525-600V: 575V ............ 25 - 100HP*
    50/60Hz ..... Allowed range: 47 ~ 63Hz*1-20HP 575V drives available mid 2020
  • MOUNTING Wall and Flange

Product Overview

Topdrive310 series inverters are high performance open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Applying the most advanced sensorless vector control technology which keeps pace with the leading international technology and DSP control systems, the product enhances it’s reliability to meet the requirement of environment adaptability, customized and industrialized design with optimized functions, flexible application and reliable performance.


  • V/F (SVPWM) and Sensorless Vector (SVC)
  • Asynchronous AC induction motors and PM motor control
  • Advanced PID functions
  • High performance removable LED keypad with digital potentiometer, max length 200m. LCD keypad kit optional.
  • Overload capability 200% 1s, 180% 10s, 150% 60s
  • Multiple installation modes, wall and flange
  • Embedded braking units from 1.5 - 30kW inverters, braking resistors optional
  • C3 input filters standard for better EMC performance, C2 input filters optional
  • Multiple braking modes
  • Continuous running in instant power loss
  • IP20 standard, IP21/NEMA 1 kit available frames 1 to 5
  • -10~40ºC, de-rate 1% for every additional 1ºC to 50ºC
  • Installation up to 1000 MASL (3300 ft.)

  • Modbus RTU/RS485 built in (standard)
  • PROFIBUS+Ethernet Communication (optional card)
  • CANopen+Ethernet Communication (optional card)

Models & Pricing