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CoolBLUE® & NaLA® Individual Pieces

CoolBLUE® & NaLA® Individual Pieces

Individual Pieces Selected based on Application Specifications

Quick Specs

  • HP 1/4 - 1632+
  • CABLE LENGTH 0 - 900 FT
  • SHAPE Oval & Round

Product Overview

CoolBLUE® toroids made from the nanocrystalline material NANOPERM® are being used increasingly to reduce damaging motor bearing currents in modern high power inverter systems operating at high switching frequencies. As a result of these unwanted currents, the bearings corrugate, leading to electrical breakdown in the lubrication and finally to a standstill of the entire motor.

The use of CoolBLUE® cores not only significantly reduces the over voltage peaks at the motor terminals, but also suppresses the asymmetrical EMI currents which are generated by the parasitic capacities of the motor itself together with the motor cable. In order to achieve an efficient reduction in these destructive effects, one or more CoolBLUE® cores of suitable geometry have to be placed together over the connector cables in the DC-link as well as at the inverter output. In this configuration, the cores operate as a common-mode choke.



CoolBLUE® cores act as a common mode choke by absorbing the damaging high frequency noise associated with VFD's, so you can maximize equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs associated with grounding rings, and avoid unscheduled downtime.


Less than 7 core sizes fit all motor applications (1/4 hp to 1600+ hp). CoolBLUE cores last a lifetime, and there is no maintenance.


Installation around power cables takes less than 10 minutes. Simply disconnect power cables, install cores around power cables, an reattach power. Done!

Models & Pricing