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NEW Techtop Products Now in Stock!

Posted May, 2020
Topdrive20 Series Micro Drives

1AC 110-120V: 110V ............ 0.5 - 1.5HP*
1AC 200-240V: 220V ............ 0.5 - 3HP
3AC 200-240V: 220V ............ 0.5 - 1HP
3AC 380-480V: 460V ................ 1 - 3HP
50/60Hz ..... Allowed range: 47 ~ 63Hz

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Techtop is pleased to announce the addition of the Topdrive20 (TD20) 110V Single Phase input, 230V Three Phase output range of VFDs from 0.5HP to 1.5HP. These high performance micro drives have been designed with user friendliness in mind. Installation, programming and maintenance has never been easier as we've aimed to maximize usability without sacrificing the features and performance you'd expect.

Topdrive VFDs are high-performance, open loop vector control inverters specifically designed for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors. Utilizing the most advanced sensorless vector control technology, our VFDs offer unparalleled reliability, environmental adaptability, high precision and stable performance.

Quick Start-Up guides are provided with each and every drive to help you get the most out of your Topdrive VFD and get your application and system up and running in no time!

Topdrive20 Quick Start Guide

NEMA 1 Kits also available from stock:

Out of the box IP Protection Ratings:
Topdrive20 = IP20/Chassis

With NEMA 1 Kit:
Topdrive20 = IP21/NEMA 1

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Call us today to package your Techtop motor with a Techtop drive and receive an extended 3-year warranty on your new Topdrive VFD!